Discover “Côté Bastide” Argan products line – A bond between south of France and Morocco

In 1990, using her emotions and personal experiences, Nicole Houques created Cote Bastide to rediscover the authenticity and the art of living in the south of France. Nicole Houques draws her inspiration from her unforgettable childhood memories and her vast travels throughout the world. For over 20 years, Cote Bastide has been the leading creator of luxury bath products. Each product is made with care in Provence and shares the spirit and charm of the brand through it’s beautiful packaging. The brand has gained popularity over the years not only for its luxurious packaging but also for the exceptional quality of its products. Cote Bastide continues to stand by its founding principles of no animal testing for bath products and no exploitative manufacturing. Maroc In Style’s mission being to promote Luxury products inspired by Morocco, we recommend our readers/followers tribe to try out and enjoy Coté Bastide argan line…

You can find Coté Bastide products at the following address

La Fabrique
3 rue Jbel Bouiblane
Triangle d’or / Casablanca
+212 5 22 26 51 68

If you do not live in Morocco, go to the brand website and/or send them an email

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