Moroccan luxury brand “Io Shoes” under the spotlight

“Io” is now the official shoe brand of Caftan 2015’s 19th edition. This luxury brand is specialized in shoe making and accompanies the most anticipated haute couture Moroccan event of the year. “Io” is a young Moroccan luxury shoe brand, created by the Bennis family. Bennis family has more then 30 years of luxury shoe making expertise. Io manufactures its collections in Morocco (men, women) using the latest manufacturing processes and in accordance with the highest international standards. “Just like its customers, Io is a unique brand, modern, self-confident and passionate,” says Hicham Bennis. “The choice of the name “Io” which means “I” in Italian reflects our vision of the shoe: that of an accessory that can reveal the best of oneself”

Io is the first Moroccan creative brand using 3D scanning technology to design custom shoes. The realization of a custom shoe constitutes an experience in itself, since the client is invested in the whole creative process. The brand ambition is to promote Moroccan expertise in the segment of high-end shoe internationally. After the first store in Casablanca, Io is planning to expand in other Moroccan cities and internationally

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