Rabat boutique hotel, all refinement and luxury

Villa Diyafa Lobby

Villa Diyafa, a boutique hotel which combines harmoniously Moroccan hospitality and Swiss hotel knowhow.

In this heaven of contemporary luxury, your stay will be a blend of serenity and refinement. You will enjoy a personalized experience with tailor-made services, including high-quality products in an exclusive setting. 7,000 sqm, 10 suites, a private residence of around 600 sqm with its own private garden, a heaven in Rabat. Harry & Yvonne Leitner, hosts of the House, will make sure your stay is unforgettable

Villa Diyafa’s design was directed by Nicolas Adnet (his studio completed the decoration of Sofitel Casablanca, among many others…). The exterior of the Villa is very contemporary while the interior is a mix of Moroccan and European traditions

Khalid Benghallem is “in the place” as the culinary chef. His international carrier in Florida mixed with his Moroccan talents will take you to heaven…


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