Moroccan Bazaar, UK based, worldwide impact since 1946

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575A0810 - Version 2Moroccan Bazaar is a UK-based company with an active and effective network of contacts throughout Morocco. We have close to forty years experience of trading between the two countries. We are a family based organisation, now spanning three generations. The original founders of the company Boubker and Hanane Bennani (Ben and Hannah) are still very much part of its day to day operations, and younger members Mohamed, Adnan and Simo have been learning the business from an early age.
In the UK we have some 15,000 sq ft of warehouse and showroom space in Greenford, West London. There is ample parking space for trade customers, interior designers and private buyers to make appointments to visit our showroom. We are an established global suppliers of Moroccan goods and furnishings; daily shipments go out to our customers who span the world. We have over 3000 products in our range and are always looking for new and exciting items to add.
For decades the Bennani family has been tirelessly sourcing, importing and exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning British buyer.
With its roots in stylish Marrakech of the Sixties, where style-gurus like Yves St Laurent and musicians like Jimmy Hendrix drew their inspiration, MBZR has had an unfailing eye for trends and fashions as they have changed and developed. The MBZR journey in the UK began as the Swinging Sixties had swung into 1970, in the heartland of “trendiness” -Kensington Market “Ken Market” was the centre of design style and alternative influence, and MBZR was in the forefront of supplying that appetite for the exotic.

We attract discriminating trade buyers from all nations. Serving interior designers who set the style for restaurants, hotels and private homes, to buyers of the retail independents and multiples, our new location is unparalleled and facilitates the purchase of Moroccan furnishings right here in the heart of Europe. 

We carry one of the largest ranges of traditional and contemporary Moroccan artefacts anywhere in the world.
We have resellers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and are actively seeking resellers and commercial partners worldwide. 

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