Alinfini: A new brand of Eco-chic accessories to like, love and adore!

Alinfini: A new brand of Eco-chic accessories to like, love and adore!

Alinfini was launched in Morocco by Sandrine DOLE – DESIGN in situ, a French designer living in Marrakesh since 1999, specialising in the conception of craft products on the African continent, with sustainable development as a driving principle

Designer and artisans collaborate to transform throwaway materials into unique accessories – a kind of modern alchemy. alinfini recycles straps from the motor industry into haute-couture ribbons. The enjoyable comes together with utility, ethics with elegance. Volume transformation makes this flat, unassuming and inert raw material a product full of allure and character. Unravelled, it becomes playful, with subtle colours catching the light and the eye. It transmutes into a precious artefact with a delicate texture. The metamorphosis is enhanced by the sobriety of line.

Alinfini offers the essentials of urban fashion. Shoulder bags or shopping bags, evening purses or work cases, covers for personal effects or electronic devices, necklaces… A metropolitan personality, always in movement, either in unisex style or feminine touch with tassels. Urban colouring from raw silk to beige, grey to black.

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