HERITAGE BERBERE: A journey into the senses

HERITAGE BERBERE: A journey into the senses

Berber heritage offers a journey into the senses of sight and smell especially. <> for ladies and <> Earth for men, all creations of Marie-Jeanne. And what about fragrances honey and almonds, mandarin like ebony, black grenade? It is a real awakening of the senses!

Our fragrances are inspired by natural materials, without following any fashion or trend and were created to awaken memories of travel and olfactory dreams. We are driven by our love for scents and our passion for Morocco. Open since 2008, the Heritage Berbere Shop has become a reference point in the field of perfumery. The store has two addresses in Marrakech; Majorelle gardens and the medina.

The owner Marie-Jeanne has worked in perfumery all her life in Grasse, so naturally she progressed to open her own shop here in Marrakech. Her passion for perfumes has allowed her to create more refined collections from all over Morocco. All items are handmade in a traditional production process that uses only natural and raw materials. A variety of fragrances and personal mists are available at both locations. There is also a cosmetics line for men, women and children available. The brand has also recently started offering candles which are receiving lots of attention.

Besides the two shops in the red city, the creations are also sold in Casablanca, Rabat Mega Mall and soon in another store in the capital. The brand is also exported abroad.

Villa Dar Sabah (prés jardin
Majorelle) Av. Yacoub El Mansour
40 000 Marrakech
Tél. : +212 (0) 524 308 841
E-mail : contact@heritageberbere.com

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