Zamzam a Luxury Riad Hotel, Spa and Boutique

Zamzam a Luxury Riad Hotel, Spa and Boutique

After many years living in Africa, working in London and travelling extensively, Emma and Marcus decided they wanted to create their own magical guesthouse; a home from home but with all the luxuries of a splendid hotel, soft towels, quality mattresses, Egyptian cotton sheets, plenty of local organic smellies, hand-woven carpets, great wines, superb food and a fantastic Moroccan Spa, all within an ancient architectural backdrop.

They understand very well the need for a holiday experience where you can relax and restore balance in your life, but at the same time feel like you’ve had a real adventure.

After two years of searching the globe, Emma, a Marketing Consultant, and Marcus, a Building Engineer, found the fortune-teller’s riad in the medina of Marrakech.

Lovingly restored and renovated using only the best local artisans and materials, Zamzam Riad is a splendid luxury boutique hotel that provides not only first class accommodation and excellent dining, but also a place to retreat, relax and rejuvenate

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