Ait Manos – Zellige, Traditional yet fashionable

Ait Manos - Zellige, Traditional yet fashionable

A cornerstone of traditional Moroccan design, Zellige is an art form in its own right, an essential part of both the berber and Andalucían architectural heritage. With a thousand-year history, this astonishing technique has been used through the ages as a wall-covering in mosques, palaces, and in ordinary homes. Constantly adapting to changing styles and needs, Moroccan mosaics are a testament to pure ingredients and to the genius of the Kingdom’s craftsmen.
Always in perfect balance with its surroundings, Zellige is the epitome of harmonious form. To gaze upon its surface
in the traditional courtyard home – whether it be hidden in the labyrinth of Old Fès, or in the suburbs of a modern city – is to be transported far away by a fragment of Paradise. Ever reinventing itself, and being used in new ways by architects across Morocco and beyond, Zellige is an architectural form like none other.

Since 1994, Aït Manos has strived to preserve this ancient technique in Morocco, while showcasing its versatility to the world. “Aït”means “tribe” in berber language, one of the two main cultures in Morocco. And “manos”, hands, heart of the handicraft activity. Aït Manos is then “The tribe who creates by hand”

Based in Casablanca, Aït Manos was founded by Ghalia Sebti, a former Moroccan ski champion, mother of 3, and hyperactive business woman! Very close to her clients, her team produces the tiles in an easily exportable and quickly installable slabs. Creating your own little Alhambra at home might become a very accessible dream indeed…:)

Ait Manos Booklet

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